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Premises Liability

Boston Premises Liability Attorney

As a veteran Boston civil and criminal lawyer, Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for the rights of clients injured on someone’s property.

Businesses and individuals have an obligation to repair dangerous conditions and ensure the safe passage of invited friends, guests or customers.

Faulty railings in a theater, unsafe sidewalks and parking lots, darkened stairwells, loose railings, falling overhead merchandise, standing water and wet or slippery floors are all examples or dangerous conditions that can lead to serious injury.

When a person has been seriously injured on someone’s property, a Boston premise liability lawyer can assist in determining their rights to be compensated for injuries or loss.

Instances of Massachusetts premise liability can include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Drowning
  • Construction injuries
  • Rape, murder or assault in a landlord’s apartment or at a business, such as a restaurant or bar
  • Injuries at a store or place of business
  • Injuries from falling merchandise of debris
  • Car accidents in parking lots
  • Injuries caused by machinery
  • Injuries on escalators, elevators and stairwells
  • Fire injuries
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or substances

If you or a loved one needs to speak to a Massachusetts attorney about a possible premises liability claim, contact the Boston personal injury lawyer Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine at 617-404-1410 for a free appointment to discuss your case.