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Pedestrian Accidents

Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why people choose to walk in the Boston metro area: Health and exercise, economics, enjoyment and recreation, ease of use and lack of congestion are all reasons citizens may choose to work, school or just for enjoyment.

Pedestrian Accidents

75 Massachusetts pedestrians were killed in 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nationwide in 2008, 4,378 pedestrians were killed and 69,000 were seriously injured in the United States.

Boston pedestrian accidents most often occur while a walker is crossing the street but can also occur when a pedestrian is on the sidewalk, walking along a curb or in a parking lot or recreational area. Stores or restaurants that place merchandise or tables on sidewalks that force pedestrians into the street can also be held responsible for injuries caused.

After motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents are the leading cause of traffic-related injuries and fatalities nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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