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Motorcycle Accidents

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine, P.C., we fight for the rights of motorcycle riders who are injured or killed in Massachusetts motorcycle accidents.

Nationwide, the number of serious or fatal motorcycle accidents has skyrocketed. While overall traffic fatalities were down almost across the board in 2008, motorcycle fatalities rose for the 11th year straight, up 14% to 5,290. Another 100,000 are seriously injured each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The truth of the matter is that large numbers of these accidents are caused by inattentive motorists and drivers who lack the respect and knowledge necessary to prevent motorcycle riders from being needlessly injured or killed in an accident.

An experienced Boston motorcycle accident lawyer can work with you to prove the extent of your injuries and get you the compensation you deserve.

Boston personal injury lawyer and wrongful death attorney Jeff Chapdelaine knows about the head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, burns, road rash and other serious injuries that motorcyclists face. He knows about the pain and suffering, lost wages, rehabilitation, frustration, anger and strain on families too often caused by Boston motorcycle accidents.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a Massachusetts motorcycle accident, call The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine, P.C., at 617-404-1410 for a free appointment to discuss your case.