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Bus Accidents

Massachusetts Bus Accident Lawyer

The number of serious or fatal Massachusetts bus accidents has increased substantially in the last three years, according to the Motor Carrier Management Information System, from 151 serious or fatal accidents in 2004 to 250 accidents in 2007.

Hiring an experienced Massachusetts bus accident attorney is a critical step in fighting for your rights and protecting the health and financial well-being of you and your family.

Boston bus accident attorney Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine knows parents often rely on Massachusetts school buses so they can work to support their families. Others pay to ride public transportation out of financial necessity, because they don’t like to drive, or because they feel it offers a safe alternative to other forms of transportation, such as flying.

School buses, commuter buses operated by the MBTA and other large commercial passenger buses operate under state and federal safety regulations for the protection of the public. When these rules are violated, passengers are sometimes tragically seriously injured or killed.

When negligent bus operation leads to an accident, or when faulty or poorly maintained equipment leads to injury, innocent people deserve to an advocate who will fight for their rights.

However, bus accidents are often complex cases, involving school districts, local and state governments, private companies and out-of-state corporations, insurance companies and attorneys.

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