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Bicycle Accidents

Boston Bicycle Accident Attorney

Boston Bike Fact

The city estimates there are more than 34,000 cyclists a day in Boston.

Bicycles have been in Boston since their beginning, and Boston cyclists deserve the respect of the motoring public.

Boston bicycle accident lawyer Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine is an advocate of safe cycling and fights for the rights of cyclists who are seriously injured or killed while bicycling in Massachusetts.

Albert Pope, a Civil War veteran and Boston native, was one of the foremost proponents of bicycling and his Pope Manufacturing Company, initially based in Boston, began marketing bicycles in 1878. The city has seized on that legacy and developed a master plan to improved bicycling throughout the Boston area.

Attorney Chapdelaine is a cycling enthusiast himself and teaches indoor cycling at Equinox Fitness Club. As such, he also supports Boston Bikes, the citywide initiative aimed at improving the biking experience, which seeks to create a world-class bicycling area. The city’s aim is to create a safe and inviting biking experience for Boston cyclists, including the installation of 250 new bike racks annually.

But bicyclists remain among the most vulnerable of motorists – every cycling accident is a serious accident.

In 2008, 716 bicyclists were killed in accidents nationwide and another 52,000 were seriously injured. In Massachusetts, 10 cyclists were killed in 2008.

Yet statistics don’t tell the whole story because Boston bicycle accidents often lead to serious or fatal injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones. The truth is that Boston bicycle accidents often lead to serious, debilitating injuries that require extensive medical care and rehabilitation and can even lead to long-term disability.

The federal government reports at least one in three bicycle accidents are the result of a motorist striking a bicycle from behind or failing to yield to a cyclist. About 90% of accidents happen at a driveway or intersection, when either the bicyclist or motorist is turning.

Boston bicycle accident attorney Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine fights for the rights of cyclists who have been injured or killed. Bicyclists have a right to the road. Motorists who are unwilling to yield to cyclists or who recklessly endanger, injure or kill Boston cyclists should be held accountable for their actions.

For safety information and other tips, visit the city’s bicycling website at

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