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Domestic Violence

Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charges of violence in the home are emotional cases that can impact a defendant’s ability to live at home, remain in contact with children, and even jeopardize a person’s job or livelihood.

In recent years, the emphasis on eliminating domestic violence has led to mandatory arrest policies at area police departments. A spouse who brings such charges also cannot always drop these charges after arrest – instead, the district attorney’s office becomes responsible for prosecuting such cases and is often reluctant to drop or reduce charges.

Hiring an experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer is critical to protecting your rights. Domestic violence charges will stay with a defendant for years and can impact divorce and custody cases.

Massachusetts domestic cases handled by criminal defense Attorney Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine include:

  • Domestic violence cases
  • Spousal abuse charges
  • Child abuse cases
  • Restraining orders
  • Family assault cases
  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Stalking charges
  • Intimidation cases
  • Assault charges
  • Property crimes

If you are facing domestic violence charges, call Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine at 617-404-1410 for a free appointment to discuss your case.