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The Benefits Of Drama Therapy In Trial Prep

Many trial attorneys will agree that effective storytelling is essential to hold the attention of a judge or juror, tie the facts together and create a compelling case. Attorneys go through extensive training and credentialing to gain the skills needed to represent people in court. However, many still struggle to turn the facts of a case into a vivid story that can persuade a judge or juror.

At Chapdelaine Consulting and Training Services, drama therapy is one tool I use to help attorneys and their clients find clarity, turn facts into stories and tell those stories with confidence at trial. Only a few hundred attorneys in the United States have the training and credentials to practice this technique, which is effective in a wide range of applications in trial preparation.

What Is Drama Therapy?

Drama therapy, which is often called “psychodrama” in the therapy world, is a therapeutic method in which the participants use drama and role-playing to gain insight into their past lives and thinking process. This process was created as a tool for psychotherapy but has gained recognition as an effective tool for trial attorneys.

In litigation, stakes and emotions can run high. Civil and criminal cases often revolve around some kind of traumatic event, such as a serious accident, an assault, a loss of consciousness or another conflict.

Drama therapy can help participants find some resolution around these troubling aspects of their own cases, though that is not the only benefit. This practice also helps clients remember additional details and allows attorneys to witness past events as if they were currently happening, which can bring additional clarity and understanding.

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