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Client-Focused Coaching, Litigation And Storytelling

Coaching And Consulting That Empowers Clients

For centuries, the practice of law has been seen as a domain of facts. While the facts of a case will always be essential, many attorneys are realizing that beliefs and narratives around those facts are also essential in persuading a judge or jury. Finding the human story within a case can be critical in pursuing the best outcome.

At Chapdelaine Consulting and Training Services, I draw on years of experience as a trial attorney, therapist, forensic social worker and consultant to help attorneys find fresh perspectives and effective solutions in litigation. I work with lawyers nationwide, using trauma therapy techniques and drama therapy (psychodrama) to discover the story and prepare clients to testify.

I also train both lawyers and mental health care professionals on areas where legal systems and mental health systems intersect.

Services include:

  • Drama therapy (psychodrama)
  • Trial strategy
  • Jury selection
  • Client-focused case preparation
  • Witness preparation
  • Trial skills coaching
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Group training for organizations
  • Therapy for attorneys and other professionals

Trauma-Informed And Client-Focused

With my unique background in litigation, psychotherapy and theater, I enjoy connecting the practice of law with the humanity of my clients. To further build on these skills, I maintain active practices as a lawyer and therapist, in addition to serving on the faculty of the National Criminal Defense College and Trial Lawyers College.

Working closely with clients and creating settings in which they feel safe to go within, explore and express their stories is both personally and professionally gratifying – in addition to being an effective tool for trial preparation.

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I consult on civil and criminal cases nationwide, working with a network of talented professionals as necessary to meet each client’s needs. I welcome you to contact me to discuss your case and how my client-focused consulting approach can help you gain the edge at trial. Please call 617-404-1410 or contact me via email to arrange a consultation.