Common Mistakes People Make in Their DUI Defense

A DUI conviction can stay on your record for the rest of your life. Make sure you take your DUI case seriously by avoiding these common mistakes.

  1. Not hiring an attorney
    A DUI conviction comes with some pretty serious penalties. Do not risk losing your case by trying to defend yourself on your own. The legal system is a very complex place and you need someone with experience who can safely navigate you through it.

  2. Driving after your license is revoked
    If you are found guilty of operating a vehicle on a suspended license, you will face a minimum mandatory penalty of 60 days in jail.

  3. Failing to appear in court
    The court will issue a warrant for your arrest and revoke any bond you have posted. This means you will await trial in jail instead of at home with your family.

  4. Talking to anyone but your lawyer about your case
    Your lawyer is the only person who has an ethical obligation to keep your conversations confidential. Anyone else you talk to about the case could show up as a witness against you at your trial.

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