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Employment discrimination can involve cases based on age, gender, pregnancy, disability, race, sexual harassment, religion, sexual orientation, handicapped status, ethnicity or issues involving workplace retaliation.

If you believe you have been the victim of Massachusetts employment discrimination, unethical employment practices or a hostile work environment, a Boston employment lawyer can assist in reviewing your case and determining the best course of action.

Claims arising from Massachusetts employment law can include:

-Wrongful termination
-Unlawful termination of benefits, including pension and health insurance
-Breach of contract
-Termination of an employee under whistle blower status, which protects an employee who brings to light illegal activity in the workplace
-Massachusetts sexual harassment claims
-Massachusetts age, race or religion discrimination suits
-Violation of Massachusetts minimum wage laws
-Massachusetts labor law violations

Compensation for wrongful termination in Massachusetts can include getting your job back, money damages for lost wages and emotional distress and other costs and legal fees associated with wrongful termination.

If you believe you have been hurt by discrimination in the workplace and need to discuss your situation with a Boston employment lawyer, call the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine at (617) 262-1800 for a free appointment to discuss your case.

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